A Digital Scavenger Hunt! 

Last year we celebrated the Grand Opening of Downtown Park with the the Dragon Run - a digital scavenger hunt! This year, we are continuing the game play with a unique twist. All the Dragons that were released into the Park last year are missing! Find them around the park and bring them back to the Pavilion to save the day.

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Calling ALL

Come Play! 


We are excited to debut Return of the Dragon: A Digital Scavenger Hunt, a sequel to last year's Dragon Run. Last year we had 1,000 people playing this game! All ages are welcome to play the game, however we think you'll have the most fun if you are over 5 years old. As always, young children must be accompanied by an adult. Register now and get your DRAGON TEE SHIRT for only $10. Guarantee your shirt by August 16th! Limited supply of tee shirts will be available for $15 at the event.


Completing the game should take no more than an hour. Your first game station will be located at the registration booth. After you leave the registration booth, use your map to uncover where you should go next. Each game will be played on a tablet that will be located at various stations throughout and around the park. Be on the lookout for DigiPen students who will be available to troubleshoot if you find that your dragon is being particularly unruly.

To begin playing you will have to scan your card over the scanner to activate the game. Once the game is complete the game card will automatically collect your points for you. This makes finding your dragons easy since you don’t have to keep track of points yourself. The card will track how many stations you’ve been to and so we will know how many dragons you have found. 


Registration will cost $5.00 per player and space is limited to 1,000 players. Once you register, you can have more fun with a DRAGON TEE SHIRT for an additional $10 before August 16th. You will pick up the tee shirt at the registration booth when you begin the event. We will also be emailing you a participation release form to the email you have on file. Please follow the instructions and email it back before the Return of the Dragon game day. 


The dragons are notorious for changing the weather. If they decide to make their appearance into Redmond on a rainy day, please dress accordingly. We don’t want any dragon keepers to be catching colds after hunting for their dragons. Although umbrellas are recommended, baby dragons may in fact perceive your rainy-day accessories as food. Be ever on your guard and prepare to keep young humans accompanied by an adult at all times.


Parking is located at Redmond Central Connector Park. This is a prime place to park! Once you snag a spot, walk either along 161st Ave NE or along Brown Street to Cleveland. Return of the Dragon: A Digital Scavenger Hunt will be located in Redmond Downtown Park, however you will need game cards to activate the dragon games. Please find your way to the Pavilion to check in, be ready to receive all your adventure materials, your game activation cards, and to greet your fellow dragon keepers along the way!


The day of the event will require you to find the  registration booth at the Pavilion to check in. Make sure  you WALK, don’t run! Dragons may get scared if they see children running. As you walk up to the registration booth you will be greeted by a human staff member. Once you have been recognized as a dragon keeper you will be directed to a participation release form. You must complete the form to play. 

After the formalities have passed, you will first receive a game card and wristband to track unlock games, track your points, and allow you to find the dragons. In addition to these items, you will also receive a game map so you know where you need to go. As you progress through the digital scavenger hunt you will notice businesses popping by to give you treats, toys, and other promotional materials – this is a great opportunity to get some goodies! All products have been dragon tested and will not hurt any nearby dragons. 



When the time comes to count the dragons you found we hope you have the courage to do so. Even though many people may become attached, the dragon sanctuary at Redmond Downtown Park is a place for dragons to be well taken care of. To release your found dragons back to the park, you will need to play the final game located back at the Pavilion. 


If you are a daring dragon keeper and wish to finish the game you will be rewarded for your bravery! If you complete the game, you might win prizes!


Feedback is critical to the way that OneRedmond operates, and we love hosting events that bring life and smiles to the city of Redmond. We kindly request that you complete a brief survey that will be emailed to you shortly after the event. This will allow us to further tailor our events in the future to best serve and support our local communities. 


No live dragons will be present at the event.

 Did You Forget To Register? 

Come to the registration booth which will be located at the Pavilion in Redmond Downtown Park.  Make sure to physically stop by at 4:00pm to catch any dragon game cards that were abandoned by previous registrants! I guess the saying is true, if you snooze - you lose a dragon! 

Our Celebration Partners


Digital Scavenger Hunt 

August 24, 2019

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Redmond Downtown Park

16144 Cleveland St.

Redmond, WA 98052

Registration  will be located

at the Pavilion in Redmond Downtown Park!

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